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How ProLink and Xtreme Work as a Lubricant:   

ProLink and Xtreme are what we call a “Thin Bodied Lubricant”.  They have the viscosity of water and contain NO SOLIDS such as Teflon, graphite, wax, moly, or plastics.  All other lubricants contain solids.  Because they contain no solids, they cannot build up or become tacky.  It is the solids in other lubricants that actually hold onto all the grit, grime, and moisture.  Because ProLink and Xtreme do not contain any solids, they work both as a dry lube AND a wet lube.  The rider can use both of them for ALL conditions.  And you can use ProLink one day and then Xtreme the next, depending on the conditions.

 ProLink, and all ProGold lubricants and grease, use MFR Technology (Metal Friction Reducer Technology).  This formula is actually a metal treatment  which creates a “sacrificial surface” on the working surfaces of the chain because its molecules literally bond with the metal.  This “sacrificial surface” acts like a coating which means you’re not running metal to metal anymore. This process is not dependent upon viscosity which is why ProLink and Xtreme do not have to be oily.  ProLink and Xtreme reduce friction giving you smoother, easier pedaling, shifting, and a quiet drive train.

 ProLink and Xtreme have excellent penetrating properties and inhibit oxidation and corrosion.  MFR Technology literally repels moisture and contaminants so the chain runs smoother and since contaminants do not stick to your chain, they are not wearing it or your drive train out.  In addition to all these unique features, ProLink and Xtreme are environmentally green and are non-staining.

 Again, the only difference between ProLink and Xtreme is that Xtreme has twice as much MFR Technology so it will work approximately twice as long as ProLink and last longer in Xtreme conditions:  ANY WEATHER. ANY TERRAIN.


New Chains:              

Although ProLink and Xtreme will clean your chain as well as a cleaner-degreaser, why waste ProLink or Xtreme cleaning your chain the first time?  Clean your new, or slightly used chain by any method you choose the first time.  (We recommend ProGold Degreaser + Wash or one of the other ProGold degreasers.)  When the chain is clean, hold ProLink/Xtreme over the chain and squeeze gently as you rotate the crank backwards saturating the chain for at least one revolution of the chain.  You don’t have to have it slinging all over the place.  More is not better.  Continue running the chain for about 20 seconds to insure that ProLink/Xtreme has reached all the tight areas between the links, pins and rollers.   Some believe it is also helpful to wipe the chain after application.  The pressure of wiping helps to get ProLink/Xtreme into those tight areas between the pins and rollers.

 ProLink and Xtreme do not care about time.  Soaking a chain in ProLink or Xtreme for a week, or riding 3 seconds after application will not affect the life of the chain.  Creating friction is what treats the metal and riding creates the friction.  To ensure metal treatment, apply ProLink just before the first few rides allowing ProLink to get between the pins and rollers. 

 For Xtreme lubricant, it is best to apply the night before riding and then after you ride.  Because Xtreme has twice as much MFR Technology, it takes longer, about an hour, for the MFR carrier to evaporate and if you apply Xtreme immediately before riding, contaminants will stick to the MFR carrier.

ProLink and ProLink Xtreme are also available in 16 oz. spray bottle, Aerosol and 1 Gallon size. 

ProGold’s ProLink & Xtreme Chain Lubes Features and Uses

 ProLink Chain Lube and Xtreme Chain Lube are exactly the same EXCEPT Xtreme Chain Lube has twice as much MFR Technology as ProLink so it will last (work) about twice as long as ProLink and will last longer in Xtreme conditions.  More on this below.

 Three Products in One.  ProLink and Xtreme Chain Lubricant AND chain cleaner all in one, AND they will dramatically extend the life of your chain.  Three Products in One.

 Riders do not need separate lubes for dry or wet conditions OR gritty or greasy conditions.  Pro Link and Xtreme Chain Lubes work  in ALL conditions and actually help to keep your chain and drive train clean while you ride.  More than that, the rider gets the added benefit of extending the life of his chain by more than twice as long.  First I will tell you HOW they work as the only lubricant you need, HOW they clean your chain, even as you ride, and HOW they can significantly extend the life of your chain.  Then I will tell you how to USE ProLink and Xtreme Lubes which is completely different than how you use other lubricants.

How ProLink and Xtreme Work as a Chain Cleaner:

An extraordinary feature of ProLink and Xtreme is that contaminants do not like to stick to metal treated with MFR Technology.  Combined with the fact that ProLink and Xtreme will clean your chain as well as most degreasers on the market, your chain is literally being cleaned as you ride!  (We recommend ProGold Degreaser + Wash or one of the other ProGold degreasers for degreasing your chain rather than ProLink or Xtreme.)  ProLink & Xtreme will keep it clean, but they would be very expensive degreasers.  ProGold Degreaser+ Wash, or Foaming Citrus Degreaser or Blast Off Degreaser will get rid of all the old greasy lube before using ProLink or Xtreme at a much more economical cost.  For any road film left on the chain at the end of your ride, simply run the chain through a rag, re-apply ProLink or Xtreme and put your bike away.   Remember, ProLink and Xtreme with MFR Technology, is a metal treatment and when used as directed, contamination does not like to stick to the chain.

 How ProLink and Xtreme Extends The Life of The Chain:         

 As mentioned, the MFR Technology in ProLink and Xtreme is a metal treatment which creates a sacrificial surface on the working surfaces of the chain.  The working surfaces on a chain are between the pin and the roller.  Wherever there is metal-to-metal friction, and ProLink or Xtreme are present, this sacrificial surface is created.  It is not a “coating” like lubricants with solids but rather a molecular bonding which acts like a coating.    In other words, the chain is not running metal-to-metal anymore.  This means a couple of things that will greatly extend chain life.

 One, although the sacrificial surface will wear as you ride, whenever ProLink or Xtreme are re-applied and friction is created, (by riding), the sacrificial surface is repaired and the “clock” starts over again.  This greatly reduces the wear and tear on chains, cogs and cassettes caused by metal to metal contact AND reduces friction.  Different conditions may require different frequency of application, but ProLink and Xtreme are very forgiving and will work surprisingly well in all conditions.

 Two, ProLink and Xtreme contain excellent corrosion inhibitor additives and repel moisture.  You can even put them on a wet chain.

By greatly reducing the four main causes of chain wear  – metal to metal contact, friction, contaminants clinging to the solids in other lubricants, and rust – ProLink and Xtreme Chain Lubes can easily double chain life!

How often should I re-apply ProLink or Xtreme?

 Here is a good rule-of-thumb to get started using ProLink after the initial applications.  You may adjust re-application according to environmental conditions or your personal preference.  Keep in mind that road riders frequently report that they get 400 to 500 Kilometers before re-lubing with ProLink.  Because ProLink  does not build up or get tacky, you cannot overuse it, but you can waste it.

 Re-apply ProLink after –

  1. a three hour ride
  2. a  100 - 200 K. ride
  3. a wet ride

 Re-apply Xtreme after –

  1. five to six hour ride
  2. 200 to 400 K. ride
  3. a very wet ride

 Except for the first few rides, it is good practice to re-apply ProLink and Xtreme after your ride so that the corrosion inhibitor additive can be re-established on the outside of the links.  After crossing creeks or riding in rain all day, the additive can be washed off the links allowing for the possibility of surface rust to appear on the chain the next day.  Whether you lube before, or after a ride does not affect the metal treatment or chain life.

 For you “roadies” who don’t like road film

 Because ProLink/Xtreme will not build up or get tacky, you really will not need to clean your chain anymore.  All you will get is “road film.”  To reduce “tattoo”, run the chain through a rag just before you ride.  If, after you have ridden for a while, you see road film on the chain, simply run the chain through a rag and continue to ride.  You don’t have to re-apply ProLink. 

 Do I need to clean my chain?

 You may clean your chain if you want to, but you probably will not feel the need.  When using ProLink and/or Xtreme as suggested, all you may have on your chain is road film.  Cleaning your chain with degreasers, cleaning machines and brushes is not necessary to ensure chain life.

 Old and Worn Chains:

 We do not recommend using ProLink or Xtreme on chains that have worn, or “stretched” beyond their maximum allowable tolerances.  We recommend that you check your chain with ProGold’s Chain Guage to determine the wear of your chain.  If you have been using a lubricant with solids, they have built up inside the links and rollers.  If you use ProLink or Xtreme Lubricant on a worn chain, they will clean away these solids and the chain will probably become noisy.  Although ProLink and Xtreme are still good for the chain, the perception might be that they caused the problem.  Start using ProLink or Xtreme on your next new, or slightly used chain, and they will extend the life of your chain by more than twice as long.